Dr Jonas Cycle

Dr Jonas Cycle

Dr Jonas method is invaluable help in the case of problems with conception and it also helps to choose the sex of the baby. Dr Jonas cycle is employed here with the aid of other natural methods, for example the officially recognized Dr Shettles Method, which increases the efficacy of Dr Jonas method by 90%.

Read more about dr Jonas method here.

Before the consultation I require the following information:
Name, date of birth (the exact time if it is known), place of birth. The price of the consultation including the calculation of dr Jonas cycle and the presentation of how to use the method is 150 PLN. The calculation of the cycle extended by the information concerning the choice of the sex of the baby is 300 PLN.

Bookings and arranging appointments: tel. +48 609 733 762
or e-mail: artur@astrologia.pl

I provide invoices for my services.

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