Individual horoscope interpretation

Individual horoscope interpretation

Individual chart reading is a face-to-face consultation with the client. The session usually takes three to five hours and can take place in Warsaw. The whole consultation is recorded on the mp3 and given to the client after the session. The client can also make his/her own recording.

Natal chart (individual chart): your potentials, talents, paths of self-development; difficulties, blocks, doubts: discussion of their causes and ways of solving current problems in partnership, family, life calling, crises; ten-year forecast; recurring dates: an individual yearly cycle of developing one’s potentials; elements of synastry and relocation analysis – an astrocartography map; Dr Jonas cycle (optional).

Before the meeting I require the following information:
Name, date of birth, exact time of birth (if it is unknown or debatable please contact me), place of birth, current place of residence; in some cases I also require a current photo. For people in stable relationships I require the same information regarding their partners (the exact time of birth is extremely useful, yet it is not indispensable and its lack does not make the consultation with the client impossible).
The price of the consultation depends on a number of factors (such as the place of the session, the age of the client and other additional elements of the interpretation, e.g. relocation analysis, an astrocartography map, dr Jonas cycle, etc.). The price is thus set individually with each client.

Bookings and arranging appointments:
tel. +48 609 733 762
or e-mail:

I provide invoices for my services.

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