Beginner’s Course

Astrology Course for Beginners

The course comprises twenty-eight hours of lectures and classes. Its syllabus was designed by Professor Leszek Weres, Ph.D. (the author of Mandala życia – Mandala of Life and Homo Zodiacus).
The course is destined for total beginners in astrology as well as for those who have mastered the basics but still have difficulty doing astrological interpretations confidently. The main focus of the course are the basic tenets of astrology. The aim is to equip the participants with practical skills, which will enable them to interpret astrology charts by themselves, as well as to recognize the potentials inherent in the charts. No elements of astronomy will be taught, such as calculating the positions of the planets, etc., as all the calculations are performed by a computer (an astrology program).
The participants will receive printouts of their charts and a free trial version of Urania, the best astrological software on the market, which will enable them to calculate charts and print all kinds of chart wheels (natal charts, synastry charts, transits, progressions, etc).

Subject matter of the course:

* astrological symbols
* energies carried by planets and zodiac signs
* the concept of archetypes with examples of archetypal mythological figures and literary and film protagonists
* dvadasamsas and decans – ways of dividing the zodiac
* planetary aspects (the angles between planets in a horoscope)
* the houses of the horoscope, Ascendant, Medium Coeli
* horoscope rectification: basic techniques of finding accurate birth time
* the concept of the horoscope dominant
* practical exercises in chart interpretation: discovering potentials
* astrological prognosis (transits, progressions, recurring dates): planning your personal development in accordance with individual needs and rhythms
* synastry (energy combinations in interpersonal relationships and romantic involvements)
* relocation (mapping the development of individual potential)
* your own place in the world (astrocartography, locational space)

The number of participants is usually 6 to 10. There are individual certificates issued at the end of the course. The course comprises lectures and workshops, which take place during two weekends (four days, 7 hours of classes with lunch break; coffee, tea, cold beverages, snacks included in the price).

tel. +48 609 733 762

Those who complete Astrology Course for Beginners will be able to further their education by participating in the following:
–    course in horoscope interpretation
–    course in synastry
–    astrology workshops
–    special workshops
–    Leszek Weres’ School of Humanistic Astrology and Cosmoecology of Culture

List of past astrology courses for beginners:

WARSAW, April/May 2008
WARSAW, December 2007/January 2008
WĄSOWO, December 2007/January 2008
WROCŁAW, October/November 2007
BIELSKO–BIAŁA, March/April 2007
WARSAW, October/November 2006
WARSAW, April/May 2006
WROCŁAW, January/February 2006
LUBLIN, October/November 2005
KIELCE, October/November 2005
WARSAW, May/June 2005
KRAKOW, February/March 2005
WARSAW, November/December 2004
KIELCE, October/November 2004
WARSAW, May/June 2004
KIELCE, May/June 2004
WARSAW, March/April 2004
LUBLIN, November/December 2003
WARSAW, November/December 2003
WARSAW April/May 2003
LUBLIN, April/May 2003
KIELCE, April/May 2003
KIELCE, May/June 2002*
LUBLIN, April 2002 – June 2002*
KIELCE, April 2000 – June 2000*
KIELCE, November 1999 – March 2000*

* afternoon classes

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