Chart Interpretation Course

Chart Interpretation Course

Chart Interpretation Course

The training is destined for those who wish to perfect their astrological skills and learn new techniques useful in chart interpretation. Based on a creative syllabus, it is conducted in the form of a workshop with the main emphasis put on practising chart interpretation.

Subject matter of the course:

* dvadasamsas – their meaning and use in interpretation
* aspect figures (e.g. Grand Trine, Small Trine, Grand Cross, T-Square, Mystic Rectangle) and their role in the horoscope
* putting the pieces together in chart interpretation
* dominants and dominating planets in the horoscope
* natal chart interpretation – group work
* prognostic astrology: how to use transits and progressions – examples
* introduction into synastry– case study of a sample synastry chart and a composite chart

The course comprises 15 hours’ of tuition in a group and is conducted at weekends. The size of the group is about 10 to 14 people. There are individual certificates issued at the end of the course.

tel. +48 609 733 762

List of past courses in horoscope interpretation:

WROCŁAW, 2-3 January 2008
BIELSKO-BIAŁA, 30 June – 1 July 2007
WARSAW, 11-12 November 2006

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