Introductory Seminar

An introductory seminar is a training module designed to clarify the concept of astrology to total beginners.
The offer is aimed mainly at centers for personal development, societies and institutes as well as at organizers of conferences and workshops. The seminar may also be an interesting addition to company staff integration trips, especially if the management wish to combine relaxation with personal development.
The seminar is conducted as a participatory lecture: participants are welcome to ask questions. Its duration is flexible: from three to six hours depending on individual needs. There is no maximum number of participants.

Example subject matter of the seminar (5 – 6 hours):

* origins and basic tenets of astrology

* energies carried by zodiac signs

* characteristics of each zodiac sign presented with reference to mythological figures, and literary and film protagonists

* what does an astrologer do? what can a client learn from him? what should a client demand from an astrologer?

* what is a horoscope and what does it say? how is it cast? how can astrological knowledge be put to good use?

* introduction into synastry, which studies compatibility in human relations and between love partners; do ideal partners exist?

* how does one plan personal development responsibly and in accordance with individual needs and rhythms?

The price of the seminar depends on its duration and the number of participants and, consequently, is always set individually.
For example a five-hour seminar for 25 people costs 750 PLN gross price.
Please book in advance, especially as regards weekend seminars.


tel. +48 609 733 762

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