Synastry Course

Synastry Course

The training is destined for those who wish to perfect their astrological skills and learn new techniques useful in chart interpretation. The training programme is both theoretical and practical and is devoted to synastry (mainly to partnership analysis and relationship analysis). Based on a creative syllabus, it is conducted in the form of a workshop with the main emphasis put on practising chart interpretation.

Subject matter of the course:

* the basic principles of synastry
* the meaning of the components of an individual natal chart (planets, zodiac signs, the houses and planetary aspects) in synastry
* a natal chart interpretation with emphasis on individual potentials and needs regarding establishing interpersonal relations and developing relationships and emotional bonds
* a composite chart and its significance in synastry; illustrated with examples
* synastry charts interpretation – group work and teacher-directed discussions
* astrological prognosis (transits, progressions) in synastry with examples
* synastry used to compare individual charts with event charts; introduction into electional astrology

The course comprises 15 hours and is conducted at weekends. The size of the group is about 8 to 12 people. There are individual certificates issued at the end of the course.

tel. +48 609 733 762

List of past synastry courses:

WROCŁAW, 7-8 June 2008
RADOM, 13 July 2003*

* a one-day special workshop

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