Astrologer – Job Description

Astrologer – Job Description

In accordance with the Ministry of Labour’s classification of jobs and specializations



– studies the influences of the planets of the solar systems and of fixed stars on Earth’s environment;
– defines and analyzes both physical and mental spheres of the phenomena caused by the influence of specific stellar and planetary alignments with the purpose of obtaining information concerning mostly human beings – their health, psyche and fate, as well as the data useful in other spheres of life, such as meteorology or growing plants.

Professional Tasks:
– preparation of birth chart, which is a psychological and mental portrait of a person guiding him/her to self-knowledge, defining his/her scope of potentials and directions to be taken in life;
– casting prognosis relating to selected matters, problems, aptitudes and events relating to an individual or a collective, a given moment, year or century;

– counselling relating to specific spheres, such as health, choice of a partner in love and marriage or in business, a propitious moment for making a transaction, making use of one’s aptitudes and job opportunities.

Additional professional tasks:
– offering guidance on individual personal development;

– conducting research and statistical calculations with the use of twenty-first century tools, new technology and scientific terminology.

Astrologer’s job description comes from the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88.