Humanistic Astrology

Humanistic Astrology

Humanistic Astrology

Humanistic astrology makes use of the knowledge passed on by generations of astrologers mainly for understanding the reality around us with all the richness of its constantly ongoing processes; it addresses the questions of our essential identity (who are we?), why are we the way we are?; can we change anything in our lives despite the inescapability of certain occurrences?; could we be different, and how to achieve it?

The purpose of astrological knowledge is not to satisfy our curiosity regarding the future. The details of what is to happen are not the most important; however, the information about what kind of developmental trends will be visible in our lives may be crucial for our inner work. The key to all this is the life process itself, the ability to recognize which phase of it we are currently in, how it originated and where it is going. Probably the only influence that we can have on the process is to understand it, learn about it and make it conscious as a result. Consciousness comprises not only the intellect (air), but is also emotional (water), sensuous, material and corporeal (earth) and involves action (fire).
Any different kind of understanding will always be faulty, partial; and it really will not be an understanding but merely its imitation and illusion. Only a recognition happening in those four dimensions leads to true consciousness. Feeling it, experiencing it, living through it will result in moments of insight. If we are able to go through life and experience those moments of insight more and more frequently, Consciousness is bound to emerge.
Humanistic astrology, which describes the human experience and the reality surrounding an individual, is an apt tool for developing consciousness.
Artur Święch
The Sun in Aquarius, 2008

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